What is the Wooden Fork and Spoon?

   Have you ever visited a friend's home and seen a large wooden fork and spoon hanging in their kitchen? I know we had these oversized utensils in our kitchen when I was growing up. It was always a part of the kitchen. Stove. Oven. Refrigerator. Wooden Fork and Spoon. Looking back, it symbolized the importance of food bringing together family and friends. Now it is a symbol for our company as we strive to feed others with our granola.

   The Wooden Fork and Spoon began as a blog about cooking, food and pretty much all things related to it. We wanted to share recipes, tips, tutorials, reviews, and videos in an entertaining and informative way. That original blog fell to the wayside until we created our granola.

Just Right

Billy Zaballero


    I’m crazy about granola. I’m always on the lookout for new varieties I haven’t tried. I've eaten most of the ones available in our local groceries. There were a few I liked but many just weren't quite right. Some of those were just too hard or too soft and sticky. Some were too sweet or too salty. Some had ingredients I didn't want or couldn't even pronounce. I asked myself, ”What would I want if I made a granola?” With some trial and error, my wife and I created a recipe that was just right. We shared it with our family and friends. They enjoyed it so much they asked for more. So we decided to sell our delicious creation.

   Much care (unofficial ingredient) went into the ingredients we use for our artisan granola. Only simple, all natural ingredients. There is nothing in our granola that we wouldn't eat ourselves. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Its baked in small batches and packaged in just the right amount so that you can eat it all before it loses its freshness. Enjoy our granola with your favorite milk, as a topping for your favorite yogurt or smoothie bowl, or simply straight out of the bag as a great anytime snack.

   We, at The Wooden Fork and Spoon, hope to make a positive impact with our artisan granola and future products. With that in mind, a portion of sales is donated towards a charity alleviating hunger in our local community (in our case, Central Florida). As we grow, we hope to help alleviate hunger in our state, our nation, and our world. Why? Because it's just right.